Peak Design Travel Tripod Tool Kit 旅行三脚架工具包

Peak Design搜尋編號: TT-HW-BT-1

尚餘 1 件,通常於 1-3 個工作天內出貨


Replacement tools to do anything you need to your Travel Tripod.

Includes Folding Hex Wrench, Folding Hex Wrench leg clip, and bushing removal toolall the tools you need to adjust and maintain your tripod.The tools in this kit are used to screw in your tripod plate, convert your tripod into low/inverted mode, spike feet and universal head adapter installation, Ball Head pin removal for L-bracket plates, as well as perform general maintenance such as cam lever tension and bushing replacement.

The leg clip easily snaps on any of the three Travel Tripod legs to keep your Folding Hex Wrench handy.

The bushing removal tool is used to remove legs inner bushings if they were to get damaged or clogged with debris.


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