Peak Design Standard Plate

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Standard Plate is the camera plate that comes with Capture. It works with most ARCA-type tripods, fits in Capture in 4 directions, and contains 4 loops for connecting Peak Design Anchors. Newly upgraded with a durable machined/anodized construction and a 50% lower profile design. New connection screw slot allows more positioning options, preventing interference with lenses, screens, and battery compartments.

ARCA®-type compatible - The new Standard Plate is 50% thinner and still fits into most  ARCA®-type tripod head in 4 directions.
4-direction compatibility with Capture® - The Standard Plate fits into the Capture Camera Clip in 4 directions, allowing you to quickly position your camera at a 90-degree angle for safe and easy lens changes. 
Durable, twist resistant pad - providing superior grip for even the heaviest of pro rigs. 
Peak Design straps compatibility - Standard Plate has 4 loops that let you connect Peak Design Micro-Anchors™ so you easily attach any of our camera straps.
Lifetime guarantee - like Capture, the Standard Plate comes with a lifetime guarantee on all parts.

SKU/Part Number: PL-S-2
Weight: 14g
Dimensions: 3.8cm x 3.8cm x 0.7cm
Compatibility: Works with Capture V3 ONLY. Not backwards compatible with previous versions. Works with all Peak Design straps.


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