Peak Design MOBILE Motorcycle Stem Mount Bar Mount

Peak Design搜尋編號: M-MM-AA-BK-1

樣式: Stem Mount


Ideal for sport and street bikes with clip-on style handlebars, the low-profile Motorcycle Stem Mount keeps your phone rigidly mounted, easily viewable, and instantly accessible. Securely installs in most hollow-center steering stem nuts using an expansion plug. Features an ultra-strong magnetic/mechanical mounting technology (called SlimLink™) that grabs and locks your phone so effortlessly, it feels like magic. Attach your phone in portrait or landscape, and remove it instantly with the press of a button—even with riding gloves on. A rigid adjustment arm lets you customize your phone position and viewing angle. Best-in-class vibration isolator prevents phone damage, yet preserves enough stiffness so you can easily interact with your phone while mounted. Weatherproof machined and anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel fasteners.

Requires a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter (sold separately).

Product Features:

  • Securely and rigidly mount your phone on sport or street bikes with clip-on style handlebars
  • Fits any bike that has (or can be outfitted with) a hollow steering stem nut (inner diameter 13mm-26mm)
  • Holds phone in portrait or landscape mode
  • Magnetic locking technology (called SlimLink™) is ultra secure and feels like magic
  • No-look, 1-handed phone attachment and removal
  • Locking mechanism strong enough for any motorcycling activity or terrain
  • Mounting arm has 180-degrees of rotation for optimal phone placement and viewing angle
  • Best-in-class vibration isolator prevents damage to delicate phone components
  • Weatherproof, durable aluminum construction

Phone/Case Compatibility:
Requires use of a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter

Specs & Materials:

Mount Head: 5.3cm x 5.3cm x 1.39cm
Arm length (tip to tip): 5.65cm
Arm width: 2cm
Arm height 1.8cm

Out-of-the-box: 126.1g
With large explansion plug wedge installed: 133.6g


  • Machined/anodized aluminum mounting head, arm, base, and expansion plugs
  • Grippy silicone mounting pad with Tinuvin 770 UV-stabilizer
  • PVD coated stainless steel hardware
  • Silicone vibration dampers
  • High-temp neodymium mounting magnets

What's in the Box:

  • 1x Motorcycle Stem Mount
  • 2x Expansion Plug Wedges (install larger wedge for wider stem nuts)
  • 1x Hex Wrench


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