PEAK DESIGN - anchor-4pack 相機背帶手腕帶通用扣

Peak Design搜尋編號: 4PK-AN-4

顏色: Red


A pack of 4 of our newly updated Anchor attachments for use with any Peak Design camera strap. With spare Anchors you can use our straps with additional camera bodies, wearable POV video devices, binoculars, compasses, water bottles, toddlers - the possibilities are endless. Don't use them with toddlers. That would be weird.

Having extra Anchors on hand will let you use your Peak Design straps with additional camera bodies. But don't stop there. Connect Anchors to binoculars, rangefinders, tripods, compasses, water bottles and more. Use your Peak Design straps to keep those items safe and accessible.

  • Thinner Anchor cords fit through more camera strap eyelets, yet still hold 90kg each.
  • Angled shape enables effortless 1-handed connection.
  • Want a strap? Pop it in. Don't? Pop it out. No more fussing with annoying traditional strap attachments. Extra Anchors means you can enjoy this convenience with more cameras and devices.
  • The lightweight thermoplastic-overmolded Anchor disks are smaller than a penny and will never scratch your camera body. They're tiny in comparison to other strap quick-connection systems that use nylon buckles.
  • Strong enough to hold any pro camera/lens/accessory combo. Anchors each hold over 90kg and feature extreme abrasion-resistance.
  • Anchors work with all Peak Design straps, pouches, and even the key tethers on our bags. Anchors can also attach to any Peak Design tripod plate.


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